When Were Windshield Wipers Invented

Early vehicles did not have windshield wipers. Drivers often just covered up their cars whenever they parked them. To keep gnats at bay and to keep the wind shear out of the cars, drivers invented many interesting DIY potential windshield style protection. Some people tied rags or sponges to keep their vehicle windows clear of whatever they ran into. Are you thinking about Replacing your blades? Then visit the link.

So, when were windshield anco wiper blades invented? The first recorded inventor of the windshield wiper was Mr. J.H. Apjohn who was an Irish inventor. In 1903, he submitted a British patent method for two brushes that would move top to bottom to clear the small windshield. At about the same time in America a young woman named Mary Anderson also created the first windshield wiper that was the model used today.

In 1902, Mary visited New York City. She watched trolley car drivers having a hard time keeping their windshields clear during a sleet storm. Her efforts in inventing windshield wipers is unclear, but she came up with a swinging arm rubber blade that a driver could operate from inside the vehicle. She came up with this idea before cars even became popular.

Important Windshield Wiper Dates:

By 1916, however, her invention slowly became popular and by 1916, all U.S. Made vehicles carried her windshield wiper models.

By early 1917, Charlotte Bridgewood invented windshield wipers that operated via rollers. It was called “Storm Windshield Cleaner.” Her invention presented dangerous problems. Thus, other inventors began working on other new windshield wiper ideas.

In late 1917, J.R. Oishei worked with an electrical engineer – John W. Jepson, inventing a hand-operated squeegee called “the Rain Rubber.” This invention was removable. It was designed to fit between the upper and lower sections of a two part windshield, via a handle. A driver would push the handle back and forth inside the windshield frame to help keep it clean. This device was manufactured in 1920 by Trico.

In 1921, William Folberth, an American inventor, created a vacuum-driven, single blade wiper that operated via a suction method from a car’s engine intake manifold. Trico, now an popular manufacturer of wipers, bought the invention from Folberth. This windshield wiper model was used for years.

Henry Ford, soon jumped aboard the new windshield wiper bandwagon after a Trico salesman installed a model on one of his cars. Soon, windshield wipers evolved into an electrical system. By the 1930’s Trico then introduced the first windshield-washer system. In the 1950’s another new windshield wiper invention was created – the push bottom windshield washer feature.

When addressing the question when were windshield wipers invented, this technology helped to increase vehicle safety. Additional developments of this device for vehicles have had them installed on the front and rear windows and on headlights. There are windshields with built-in sensors and their technology continues.